Knowlarity’s call forwarding system is a simple solution which comes in three unique modes to ease the communication process, avoid missed calls and ensure customer centricity. 

You can customise the settings by following the steps given in this video:

Note: This video shows how to set 'Call Forwarding' on Standard Basic, Advance and Premium plans. For custom IVRs, please get in touch with our support team for any questions.

There are three types of call-mode options available:

  1. Parallel Ring: In this mode, incoming calls will automatically redirect to all the agents at the same instant. It is just perfect to ensure quick customer responsiveness. The agent who answers the call first can go ahead with the discussion, while the others' phone stops ringing.
  2. Sequential: This mode allows you to play to your strongest agents strength. All calls will first land on Agent A's phone. They will get redirected to Agent B if Agent A is busy or does not answer. The next call will also land on Agent A's number first and if Agent A is busy on a previous call it will get redirected to Agent B. If Agent B is also busy at the time, then the call will get assigned to Agent C and so on and so forth.
  3. Round Robin: If you have an equally distributed team, Round-Robin is the best option for you. It allows an equal flow of calls for all agents. In this mode, call 1 will go to agent A, Call 2 will go to Agent B and so on. In case Agent A is busy, Call 1 will go to Agent B instead. In this case, call 2 will also go to Agent B first.