Our support team works diligently to address all concerns related to your SuperReceptionist account. You can reach us at 1800-419-0333 or write to us at support@knowlarity.com. Our team will get in touch with you in a maximum of 4 hours and work towards resolving your grievances in 24-72 working hours. In case you feel your concerns have not been addressed, in a timely or in diligent manner, please follow the below matrix. 

In case Knowlarity is unable to resolve the issue within the stated timeline, or if the User is not satisfied with the resolution provided, User can escalate its concern to Knowlarity’s management at grievances@knowlarity.com. Knowlarity will respond to the User within two working hours and User’s concern will be addressed in 24 working hours.

If User is still not satisfied with the resolution provided by Knowlarity’s management, User can write directly to Knowlarity’s leadership team at ceo@knowlarity.com. Any concerns raised here will be addressed in two working hours and will require further 48 working hours for resolution.

To ensure timely resolution when User escalates its concern, User must mention the ticket number received from Support@knowlarity.com; and, a brief summary on why the resolution provided so far has not been satisfactory.

Certain issues, depending on their nature, would require testing and observation over multiple days. This can increase the resolution time for the User. However, Knowlarity assures that its team will be working on these issues diligently throughout and will keep the User updated on the progress.