There could be multiple reasons for a complete/partial failure of an outbound campaign. Please ensure that the following checkpoints are cleared:

1) The phonebook CSV file that is uploaded should be in the correct format, the CSV format is mentioned on the Phonebook section under CRM.

2) As soon as you upload the phonebook, you'll have a summary of the health of your phonebook. The summary would include the numbers that are invalid, duplicate and are in DND category. We will be removing the duplicated records from the list. Also, 1st level of DND number scrubbing should be done before processing the campaign.

3) Once the order has started you can check the progress while it is still going on. If you click or hover over the Order id in the Campaign logs section then you will see the summary of the order.

4) Instead of running the campaign on all the phonebook contacts at once, split the phonebook to reduce the load. For eg: If there are 20,000 contacts in your phonebook then you can split the phonebook in 4 sub-phonebooks.

In case you are still not able to process the campaign, please get in touch with your engagement manager and he/she will assist you further.