Are you ready to let technology help magnify your team's efficiency yet? Knowlarity brings you its newest development yet - the Call Centre.

Now, we know you will ask yourself, what's new about a call centre, right? Well, here comes the twist - Knowlarity's Call Centre solution allows you to set up your very own inbound call-centre for as many as 40 people without the hassle of wires and diallers and the rest of the frills. All you need is an internet connection and phones (Mobile or landline) for all your agents.

Why do you need the Call Centre solution? 

With this solution, you can:

  • Improve SLA during peak-hours (Maximum waiting time etc,)
  • Improve visibility of current scenario (Waiting callers, Agent availability etc.) 
  • Improve Agent-Management (using agent status) 
  • Use on-demand/on-call agents 
  • Tap into live-conversations, and take control of the call where required 
  • Train & Improve Agent-competencies 
  • Effectively manage & control remote Agents

What does our Call Centre solution offer you already?

  • Inbound Call Centre Solution for Enterprise customers (Softphone support coming soon...)

  • Call Queuing

  • Live Call Monitoring, Whispering & Call Barging (via Phone only)

  • Agent Login-Status (Available, On Break & Logged Out) only via SR Webapp

  • Live Call Dashboard

  • One-Queue per extension

  • Agents across Queues (Call-Groups)

  • Custom Hold-Music

  • Lead Scoring (Hot, Warm, Cold & Closed available)

  • Preset call routing schemes (Parallel ring, Round Robin, Agent with least talk time, Agent with fewest calls)

  • Agent & Supervisor Login

What are we working on adding to the solution soon?
  • Agent Dispostion

  • Call-Transfer for transferring Calls to Agents/Supervisors

  • Call-On-Hold solution for Call-Centre calls

  • Call Centre Reporting

  • Wrap-up time for the agents

  • Call Back Abandoned calls

  • Call Monitoring Solutions for Outbound Calls

  • Outbound Dialers

Some of the cool features are:

Call Groups
Are your calls getting answered randomly? Without a defined pattern? Too many agents sitting idle while a few are over-burdened with work? More importantly, are your customers perennially on hold when they call you?
Call Groups will help you to organize your calls by allowing calls to be routed to customized groups based on the choice made by customers. They can be further organized and sent to agents who have had the least talk-time or the fewest calls. This will radically improve your SLA and increase the service quality for your customers.

Three Different Permission Settings
You can give all the agents on the account three different type of settings. The first in the Owner Setting, which by default will be the creator of the account. The owner has complete access to the panel and all the tabs within it, including Settings, Call Logs and Account.

The Supervisor has access to all the tabs except Account and Settings. Supervisors can listen to live calls, whisper into the call (This means that they can talk to the agent on call without the customer hearing) and can even barge the call (This means they can intervene and talk directly with the customer in the same call).

The Agent has limited access. Agents can login using their unique IDs, they can set their availability status and take calls. They can only view their own call logs, add notes and lead statuses in the CRM among other things. However, they do not have access to 'Live Calls' or 'Account' and 'Settings'.

The roles can be assigned when you add an agent. Like our other plans, once agents are added, they receive an SMS with their login details. They have to give a missed call on the SuperReceptionist number to activate themselves in the system and will be able to access the panel as per their defined roles. Agents can indicate when they are ready to start receiving calls. The three statuses for use are 'Available', 'Not Available' and 'On A Break'.

Live Dashboard

Supervisors and owners can see the live status report on the dashboard under 'Live Calls' in 'Calls & SMS'. All the queue are visible and you can monitor the dashboard selectively as well.

You can see which agents are available.

You can get details of the time efficiency for an entire day - or you can choose to see just the last 30 minutes.

And you can listen-in on any live calls. The 'Live Calls' tab also allows you to do the following:

See list of Agent & their Status

Display Caller information of Ongoing call

Monitor ongoing live-call when required

See list of Call-Groups and Agents

See list Number of Waiting callers in each Call-Group

These and many more options make the Call Centre solution the most convenient tools for you to use to manage call quality of a multi-faceted team. So don't wait any longer. Call our team of experts on 1800-419-0333 today to find out more.

Coming soon: How to customize your own Call Centre.