Checking the billing on your account can be a worrisome task. Thankfully, we have made it super easy for you.


You can follow these simple steps to view your billing details:

(If you are a customer with a standard solution, click here to know how to check your billing.)

Billing works on a credit system similar to a credit card. Each customer has a credit limit for using the service and they can view the available balance on the main dashboard of their SuperReceptionist account in the right corner.

Hovering over the free credits tab shows a detailed view of the free credits that are available on each plan.

You can also see the individual credit deductions for each successful call under the 'Calls & SMS' section in 'Call Logs'.

To get your complete invoice every month, visit the 'Account' section and go to 'Invoices'.

This is what your sample invoice will look like this:

And that's it! How easy was that! :-)