Call-Groups are the easiest way to categorize different Lines of Business and ensure that agents are segregated based on their strength as well as your business needs.

If the maximum calls you receive seek support such that you need to allot a major chunk of your workforce to that group, however, you still wish to keep a select few solely for managing your marketing or sales needs, you can allot agents separately in those groups.

Another scenario - you have a few super-agents - the kinds that will be the saviors no matter what team you out them in, you might want to have them in each of the groups as back-ups or as supervisors.

Super-Receptionist's Call Centre Solution makes that super-easy. Assign as many groups as you want to each agent.

Call-Groups provide you with an excellent way to increase your overall efficiency, and provide callers a better waiting experience. Did you notice too many calls coming in and the 'Ring All' strategy seems to be failing because agents that do not answer calls sit idle? Never mind, just change the strategy of the group to 'Agent with Fewest calls' or 'Agents with Least Talk Time' and watch workload being distributed equally among agents.

In short, Call Groups helps you organize calls like never before!