Listening to agents' call in real-time is known as Call Monitoring. You can either:

a. simply listen in to the call between your agent and the customer, or;

b. speak to the agent within the call without letting the customer know, or;

c. speak directly to the customer on the same call.

Please note: Your number needs to be configured as the Supervisor for any group in order to be able to monitor calls.

Follow these simple steps to initiate call-monitoring call on a live-call.

  • Login to your SuperReceptionist account

  • Go to 'Calls & SMS' and select ‘Live Calls’


  • All the 'Live Calls' are marked as 'On-Call' status in Live-Calls table. Choose the live-call you want to perform call monitoring, and click on phone icon in 'Action' column (circled out).


  • You will receive a call on your number that allows you to monitor the ongoing call by default.

To convert calls between different call-monitoring modes, press DTMF digit in your handset. For further information check out support-page: How Can I Switch Between Call-Monitoring, Call-Whispering, Call-Barging?