Listening to agents' call in real-time is known as Call Monitoring. You can either:

a. Monitor - simply listen in to the call between your agent and the customer, or;

b. Whisper - speak to the agent within the call without letting the customer know, or;

c. Barge - speak directly to the customer on the same call.


Please note

1. You need to be logged in Super Receptionist with your credentials

2. Your number needs to be configured as the Supervisor for the group in order to be able to monitor calls for agents in that group.


To start monitoring a call, go to 'live calls' tab in 'calls & SMS'. Press the 'phone' icon next to any active call. You will receive a call on your number that allows you to monitor the ongoing call by default.


To Whisper in the call and assist the agent without letting the customer know, press '1' on your keypad.


To barge the call and speak to the customer directly, press '3' on your keypad.


To go back to monitoring the call, simply press '0'.