Call Monitoring helps Supervisors to listen to ongoing calls in real-time. Monitoring helps you to guarantee quality standards are being met, and gain valuable insight into the needs of your customers. The three different levels of monitoring available are:


Monitoring is a one-way means for Supervisors to listen to agent calls without any interference. 


Whispering allows the Supervisor to speak directly to the agent over the call without letting the customer know. This is a great way of assisting agents when they are in a fix over a difficult call. The agent cannot talk to the supervisor directly in this case without the customer's knowledge.


For times when it becomes unlikely that an agent will be able to resolve the customer's concern and the Supervisor feels the need to step-in, Call Barging is the perfect solution. Barging makes this call a three-way conference and allows Supervisor to talk to customer directly.

To learn how to activate the various stages of call monitoring visit here.