A transactional order, by definition implies that the Outbound communication will be generated for transactional purposes, as opposed to promotional communication.

Transactional Call is any call, which contain specific content and not any promotional content. A Transactional Call is a call which contains information sent by a registered company to its employees or agents or to its customers pertaining to services or goods to be delivered to such customers. Companies cannot make Transactional calls to people who are not its customers.

If you wish to activate Transactional OBD then you will have to sign an indemnity bond and upload the same on your panel. Our team will look into the bond and take decision based on the document. This is to ensure that the transactional campaigns also meet the guidelines set by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)

If they approve the document then Transactional OBD will be activated on your account and we will be notifying you for the same.