Hello, SuperReceptionist provides services in over 67 countries. This means we can provide you SuperReceptionist display numbers in over 67 countries - and hundreds of cities! It would only be a logical question as to whether you would need to buy separate plans for separate locations or not. Right?

Well, when we first introduced multiple locations, users could buy numbers across different locations. However, they would need to purchase different plans for each of the location that they purchased a number in. Can you imagine that? Juggling multiple plans for multiple numbers?! What a headache that would cause! So we decided to simplify it a bit.

Users can now purchase all the numbers under the same country in the one SuperReceptionist plan. All you are required to do is add a new number to your existing plan every time you wish to purchase a new number. Read the article or watch the video to learn how to add a new number to your plan.