Below are the steps that you can follow to add a sound file:

1. Go to Setting tab on you panel and then click Sounds. 
2. On the Sound page you have an option to upload a sound file. The maximum file size is 1 mb and it should be in the mp3 format.
3. As soon as you upload the sound file it will be under review. Once our team approve the sound file, only then it will be available/Live. 

4. Only the sound files that are Live and have cleared the review process will be available on the OBD create order page. 

You will be notified Congrats on successfully uploading your sound file for your campaign! Can't see it on the webapp though? Don't worry! This just means that your sound file has been sent for review.

What do we review?

We check each and every sound file uploaded to ensure it does not contain any objectionable content and complies with the legal terms of the state.

Once we finish reviewing, you will be able to see and use the sound file in your campaign successfully.