Here are the steps that you can follow to add phonebook and initiate OBD:

1. Go to the CRM tab.

2. Click on Phonebook.
3. Click on Upload Phonebook.  This is where you can upload the list. Here you can name your phonebook and the format in which the number in the file should be is mentioned here. The file size should not exceed 5 mb. Attached is a sample phonebook that you can download and check for your reference. 
     Format: Please upload the CSV file in the format: 
     +<country code><phone number>, for example +919999876599 in case the country code is 91, followed by the extra parameters that you wish to pass in the phonebook. 
4. After the file has been successfully uploaded, it will show the phonebook creation date, description and row count. 

5. You will also get a summary of the invalid numbers, duplicate number and number in DND/NDNC

6. The phonebook that you upload is available on the Create order page.