'Campaign logs' tab under the Campaign section has report/log for each of the campaign that you have created.


As soon as create an order it gets logged under the campaign log section with campaign id and relevant status. 

The details that are mentioned corresponding to a particular campaign are:

  • IVR or Sound file name that has been selected
  • Total calls
  • Order creation date
  • Campaign order start-date
  • Type of Campaign (Promotional or Transactional)
  • Status (Yet to start, On-going, completed, cancelled)
  • Action: Option to delete the campaign
  • Maximum parallel calls
  • Report : option to download the detail report.

You can also download the detailed campaign log in CSV format by clicking on the Report icon. The file would have the campaign summary and the detailed call logs.

You can also check your campaign log under the Call Log section. This would have all your logs: Inbound, Click to call and Campaign. By default Inbound and Click to Call will be shown, you will have to filer Campaign. In the action section you can identify a specific Campaign by its order-id.

You can also listen to the call recording corresponding to each of the campaign log.