Missed call solutions are best used for the following purposes:

  1. Verification: Sending missed calls from phone numbers is the most efficient way to authenticate them. This missed call solution is also being used by mobile app to generate OTP after you complete a purchase through a payment gateway. A missed call solution allows easy track-keeping for all these verification activities.
  2. Collecting Feedback: Whether it is a new product launced, or a service delivered, or even an app download, a Missed Call solution can be used to assist with all these scenarios.
  3. Public Polls: The most popular use of the missed call solution is to use it to conduct polls and hear the voice of the people.
  4. Push Notifications: The download of a mobile app or a ringtone has become easier by manifold due to the missed call solution. Now you simply need to give a missed call to the service provider and you’ll receive a message with a download link, or your ringtone will be set.

There are many other uses of the missed call service. To understand more and find your perfect solution today, please call us on 1800-419-0333 or write to us at sales@knowlarity.com.