Knowlarity now provides a brand NEW rich & reliable SMS service to aid you with your business.

If any of these are what you consider your problem to be, QuikDial+ is for you

  1. Do you receive direct leads via SMS?

  2. Do you receive leads from providers like JustDial or Sulekha via SMS?

  3. Do you want to call back all the SMS leads and convert them into customers?

  4. Do you want to handle all your smses in one place?

  5. Do you want to define intelligent rules to handle your SMSes?

QuickDial+ enables you to

  1. define intelligent rules to handle your SMSes.

  2. extract leads from SMSes received via JustDial or Sulekha, automatically call them and patch them to your agents.

  3. Treat non-provider smses as direct leads to be patched to your agent.

  4. Set sequential/round robin/parallel-ring to use your entire team's strength to call back leads.

  5. View and filter through your SMS logs in one page.

You can read through the rest of this documentation which captures QuikDial+ features in brief or watch the video.

View SMS logs

SMS logs show up all the SMSes received by you. You can filter through SMSes received and add any of them as customers in CRM based on your interaction with the lead.

Add rules to act upon your SMSes as per your business need

A rule defined by you can be to -

  1. search for a particular keyword in the SMS,

  2. handle smses in a particular way based on the time and day

  3. notify your team about the call through an SMS or mail to the team's group id.

  4. patch your lead to your agent as soon as you receive the sms

  5. For providers implemented by us, JustDial and Sulekha, we extract the lead and patch the call with your agent depending on the rule configured by you

  6. you can send an acknowledgement sms to your customer as well.

If you don't set any rules, SMS will just be captured and visible in the SMS logs.


JustDial and Sulekha are the 2 lead providers available by default. This feature helps you to

1. Act upon the smses received by identifying the smsee, keywords in the sms and date or time.

2. Call back the customer or send an SMS acknowledgement or do both.

3. Notify your team via sms or email to respond to your lead

Coins will be deducted for calls patched and SMS sent through SR as per the current rate.

Hope you enjoy using it and come back with your feedback on what else you think would help Knowlarity in providing you a much better service through QuikDial+

Have a great day!