SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment.

Sugar offers the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM in the market and delivers the best all-around value of any CRM. Which brings together multiple communication channels like email, phone, and social networks; and makes it easier for businesses to communicate with customers.

If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with SugarCRM (supported for hosted edition only & version 6.5.2xx) to capture leads along with phone numbers directly from your SugarCRM account.

SuperReceptionist connector in SugarCRM allows you to:

  • Track incoming calls from customers

  • Create leads with phone numbers

  • Merge phone numbers with existing lead details

  • Direct incoming calls from leads to respective agents

  • Make outbound calls using Click-to-Call feature

  • Track outbound calls


  • SuperReceptionist panel must be in premium plan

  • You must be an Admin User of your SugarCRM account

  • This integration works only with hosted installation and admin access

  • Your SugarCRM plan supports telephony integration

  • SuiteCRM IP should be visible over internet to receive events from SuperReceptionist


1. Get your SuperReceptionist Virtual Number

  • Login to your SuperReceptionist account to get the Virtual Number

  • Your SuperReceptionist phone number is your Virtual Number

2. SugarCRM Configuration

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Select Integration

  • Click on ‘Enable Now’ to configure SugarCrm

  • Fill up the details in the corresponding fields

  • Click on ‘Enable’

3. How to find Domain Name?

  • Login to your SugarCRM account

  • Copy and paste the domain name on SugarCRM Configuration

4. How to get Username?

  • Go to ‘Administrator’

  • Select ‘User profile’ to view ‘Username’

  • Copy and paste the username

  • Enter your SugarCRM password

  • Select the SuperReceptionist number from the drop down menu

  • Click on ‘Enable’

  • Click on ‘Configure’ button which will appear in place of ‘Enable Now’ below SugarCRM

5. Create tasks

  • Go to ‘Tasks’ under Activities

  • When customers call  your SuperReceptionist number, the tasks will be displayed

6. SugarCRM Plugin

Select module loader.

  • Select ‘Module Loader’

  • Uninstall the files present in Module loader

  • Click on ‘Uninstall’

  • Click on commit

  • Uninstall packages will be show in the Module

  • Click on ‘Delete Package’

  • Choose the downloaded files one after the other and upload it

  • Click on ‘Install’

  • Click on ‘Accept’ and select ‘Commit’

  • Installed files are showed in the Module Loader

  • Carry the same procedure for installing the next file

  • The files will get installed on your SugarCRM

  • After installation, an icon (Knowlarity notification) will be displayed on the top

Important: Login to Knowlarity. When customer calls your Knowlarity number, the call will be routed directly to the agent. In the next step, you need to repair the tables because of external packages installation. You’re requested to go to ‘Admin’ section and select ‘Repair.’

  • Click on the icon

  • A popup will appear

Click on repair and rebuild. Don't forget to navigate below on the ‘Repair Action’ page to look for database table changes. The modules required for the Sugar native plugin will be installed.

Moving over the last step, just visit ./modules/Phone_Phone/metadata from your root folder of SugarCRM; you can find file.Just run it using command   $ sudo sh

As the final step, add SuperReceptionist or Smart IVR details to your phone

module via ‘Phone’ under All. This is essential for Click-to-Call. You can now add your knowlarity number, knowlarity_api_key and other details to the table; and you setup will be complete.

Upgrade the plugin if you plan to upgrade the existing Knowlarity plugin; then you need to uninstall, remove the old packages and install fresh. For un-installing the packages, go to ‘Module Loader’ in the Admin section and click on ‘Uninstall’ to remove them from it's lower section.

After installation of plugin, the agent must enter Knowlarity’s number and agent number into the login page by clicking on ‘Knowlarity notifications’ link on the navigation bar.

From hereon, your agents will be able to receive notifications. To upgrade knowlarity package, you need to remove the existing one, re-upload the package and repair once again.

7. System Requirements

The following browsers are recommended: Chrome(recommended)and Firefox