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            How do I hook API keys in SuperReceptionist?

            The API key itself cannot be hooked in the Panel and has to be provided to your developer for different integrations. Once they create an API, the same can be hooked in the post call hooks and subsequently in the call flow.  

            For adding the Hook API:
            • Login to your Super Receptionist Account.
            • Navigate to Settings > Hook API and Click on "Add API" button. Refer to screen below:

            • Once you click on "Add API", you will see a dialog like below. Specify the Request Type, API name and the API URL and click on ADD.

            • Once the API has been added, you can use this Hook API in your IVR, by navigating to Settings > Call Flow > Choose Plan and scroll down in the IVR flow to arrive at "POST CALL HOOKS" section. 

            • Click on Add Hook API, select the API and Click Add. 

            Still confused? Don't worry! Give us a call at 1800-419-0333 or write to us on and we'll help you.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 09:19 PM
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