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            How do I integrate Super receptionist with the FreshSales


            SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment.

            If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with Freshsales to capture leads along with phone numbers directly from your Freshsales account.


            SuperReceptionist connector in Freshsales allows you to:

            • Track incoming calls from customers

            • Create or Link Leads/Accounts/Contacts with phone numbers

            • Direct incoming calls from customers to respective agents

            • Make outbound calls

            • Track outbound calls


            • You must be an Admin User of your Freshsales account.

            • Your Freshsales account should be of lates version.

            • Your SuperReceptionist panel should be in Advance Plan or above to make use of SuperReceptionist integrations

            • Your Freshdesk plan must support telephony integration

            • You are using Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist service which is configured and active



            1. Via access key


            1. Get SuperReceptionist API key
            • Navigate to ‘Settings’

            • Go to ‘Call Flow

            • Select ‘Plan Settings’

            • Scroll down to the bottom of the page in Plan Settings to find the API key of your SuperReceptionist account

            • Make note of the API key

            2. Login to SuperReceptionist and go to integration page
            • Click on "SETTINGS" and "INTEGRATIONS"

            3. Click on "ENABLE NOW" button and input required information on configuration page

            4. SuperReceptionist is Configured

            5. How to integrate Freshsales with SuperReceptionist?

            • Login to Freshsales account

            • Navigate to Admin Settings->Apps

            • Scroll down to Listed Apps, find SuperReceptionist and click on Install button

            • Your SuperReceptionist App is ready to use after successful installation in Freshsales.

            Features List

            Live Call controls

            Incoming Calls

            • App is integrated and below is the default screen.

            • Incoming call: Agent ringing

            • Incoming call: Agent picks up

            • Incoming call: Customer picks up and option to "Create Call Log" appears

            • Input required information and click on "Save"

            Outgoing Calls: Click to Call

            • Input customer's number and select agent

            • Click on "Call" button and Agent number rings

            • Call originates to Customer

            • Customer picks the call: Ongoing Call

            • Contact Details display on screen and on clicking on "Create Call Log", system auto inputs existing details(If available)

            Enjoy the power of SuperReceptionist & Freshsales together through Integration...

            Updated: 19 Dec 2018 04:15 PM
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