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            How do I integrate SuperReceptionist with HubSpot CRM?

            SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with HubSpot to capture leads along with phone numbers directly from your HubSpot Account.

            HubSpot is a software development company that develops and markets software products for inbound marketing also called HubSpot. It includes tools for social marketing, content management, web analytics, email marketing and other customer support features.

            SuperReceptionist connector in HubSpot allows you to:

            • Track incoming calls from customers

            • Create tickets with phone numbers

            • Merge phone numbers with existing ticket details

            • Direct incoming calls from customers to respective agents


            • You must have a Professional or Enterprise Edition of your HubSpot Account

            • Only User Role of Account Administrator can access HubSpot API Key (to be used later)

            • If you have a HubSpot Developer Account, further instructions need to be followed to get API Key

            • Your SuperReceptionist Panel should be in Premium Plan to make use of SuperReceptionist integrations

            • You should be using Knowlarity's SuperReceptionist service which is configured and active


            1. Configuring HubSpot

            • Navigate to Settings in your SuperReceptionist Account

            • Select Integration

            • Click on 'Enable Now' to configure Hubspot

            2. Enable HubSpot integration

            • You need to enter API Key and SR Number

            • Once entered, click on Enable

            3. Get HubSpot API Key

            • Log in to your HubSpot Account or create a new account (in case you don't have it already)

            • Navigate to your account Menu and select 'Integrations'

            4. On the Integrations page, select Get your HubSpot API Key

            * Once on the API Request Screen, Account Administrators will be able to click the blue, “View Key” button. The API Key for      this portal will be displayed

            * Copy that API Key and paste in your SuperReceptionist Account

            * Once you enter the information, click on 'ENABLE'

            * Once 'Enabled', 'Configured' button will appear below HubSpot

            4. Check your integration

            • To see call information, click on 'Contacts'

            • Select any of the contacts

            * To view a particular customer's details, click on the name

            * If you are using a HubSpot Developer Account, you will not be able to see the Integrations menu. You will then be required to create a test portal  by clicking on Test Portals > Create Test Portal, then proceed with the above instructions

            Updated: 30 Aug 2017 05:02 PM
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