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            How do I integrate SuperReceptionist with LeadSquared?

            Integrate SuperReceptionist with LeadSquared

            SuperReceptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment.

            If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with LeadSquared to capture the lead with its phone number directly in your LeadSquared account.

            SuperReceptionist connector in LeadSquared allows you to

              • Track incoming calls from customer.

              • Create leads with phone number.

              • Creates task about a particular call.


              • You must be a User of your LeadSquared account.

              • SR panel should be in Advance Plan or Above to use SR integrations.

              • Your LeadSquared premium plan supports telephony integration.

              • You are using the SuperReceptionist (Knowlarity) service. It is configured and active.


            1.Get your SR Virtual Number:

            Login to your SuperReceptionist account to get the Virtual Numbers.

            Your Super Receptionist phone number is your Virtual number. 

            2.Enabling LeadSquared:

            Navigate to Settings>Integration>Enable LeadSquared


            Select the SR number(s) to register the LeadSquared Integration. For this you need to pass two details to SuperReceptionist(SR).

              • Access ID

              • Secret Key

            Selection_037.pngof your LeadSquared Account.

            You can find those details in your LeadSquared Account by following the path.

            Login->My Account->Settings->API and Web hoooks->API access keysSelection_034.png

            After visiting that path , just click show secret key to launch a window like above. That’s it. Just copy those credentials and give to SuperReceptionist(SR)


            Now click Enable and you are successfully registered with the LeadSquared.

            How does it work ?


            Go to your LeadSquared account. From now all the telephone calls are logged as activities for a particular Lead. We can view those activities even from the Lead activity stream.Selection_039.png

            How to install plugin in LeadSquared?


                See Integrate Super Receptionist right from SR Panel

            Call Logs and Recordings in LeadSquared

            Find them in the Activity tab of a particular Lead. Selection_040.png

            Popup on Incoming Calls

            Any call to Knowlarity Virtual Number that is registered with LeadSquared, a popup will appear in the LeadSquared


            Take Notes while on the call

            Take notes, add additional details of a caller on the fly. 

            Note are saved for a particular lead.


            C2C from LeadSquared

            We can also make click to call from the Lead panel. Just click on the phone number attached to Lead and it will launch an outbound call from your(agent) number to the customer.Selection_043.png

            Take Notes-taking window similar to inbound for outbound calls too.

            System Requirements:

            Browser Recommendation: Chrome(Recommended), Firefox

            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 05:25 PM
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