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            How do I integrate SuperReceptionist with Pipedrive?

            SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with Pipedrive to capture leads along with the phone numbers directly from your Pipedrive account.

            SuperReceptionist connector in Pipedrive allows you to:

            • Track incoming calls from customers

            • Create customer contacts with phone numbers

            • Direct incoming calls from customers to respective Pipedrive owners


            • You must be an Admin User of your Pipedrive account

            • Your SuperReceptionist panel should be in Premium Plan to make use of SuperReceptionist integrations

            • Your Pipedrive premium plan must support telephony integration

            • You are using Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist service which is configured and active


            1.Get your SuperReceptionist Virtual Number

            • Login to your SuperReceptionist account to get the Virtual Number

            • Your SuperReceptionist phone number is your Virtual Number

            2.Enabling Pipedrive

            • Navigate to ‘Settings’

            • Go to ‘Integration’

            • Click on ‘Enable Now’ to configure Pipedrive

            3. Get Pipedrive API key

            • Login to Pipedrive (as you already have) or create a new account

            • Go to ‘Profile Setting’ and scroll down to get the API key

            • Enter the API Token

            • Select the SuperReceptionist number provided to you

            • Click on ‘Enable’

            4. Pipedrive Configuration

            • You can create your Pipedrive account by clicking on ‘START A FREE TRIAL’ button

            • Fill up the required information and click on ‘Sign Up’ button

            • You will receive a mail from Pipedrive

            • Click on ‘Start using Pipedrive’

            • After you log in to your Pipedrive account, click on ‘Username’

            • Select ‘Settings’ on the top right-hand corner

            • Select API to get the API token for your account

            • Copy and paste the API token in your SuperReceptionist account

            • Once you enter the information, click on ‘Enable’

            • Click on ‘Configure’ button which will appear in place of ‘Enable Now’ below Pipedrive

            5. Check your integration

            • To see call information, click on ‘Contacts’

            • Select ‘People’

            • To view a particular customer’s complete details, click on the number

            6. System Requirements

            • The following browsers are recommended: Chrome(preferably) and Firefox

            Updated: 29 Aug 2017 07:36 PM
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