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            How do I integrate SuperReceptionist with Zapier

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            SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with Zapier to trigger any action in Zapier's 1000+ supported apps and 

            Super Receptionist app can be found in Zapier:


            Super Receptionist
            Free Trial or Paid plans
            Paid or Free account

            Sign up for a Zapier account

            1. Go to the Zapier website
            2. Select the Sign Up for Free button or enter info in the form.

            Step 1: Start a Zap
            Configuring a Zap
            From your Zapier Dashboard, set up a new Zap:
            1. Set Trigger: Click the Create a new Zap button. In the Trigger Service dropdown, choose Super Receptionist, and choose a trigger.
            1a) connect a Super Receptionist account by clicking on 'Connect an Account'

            1b) Provide your Super Receptionist account key

            1c) Choose the Super Receptionist Number(s) for which call data recording needs to be passed to the actions

            1d) Test the trigger

            Make sure you have at least one recent call data created.
            Make sure it matches the trigger options you picked below:

            1e) click on 'Fetch & Continue'

            2. Set Action: In the Action Service dropdown, choose a service to send your Super Receptionist call data recording to. In the Action dropdown, choose your desired action and click Continue.

            Step 2: Finalize Your Zap
            Back on your new Zap screen on
            1. Test: Try out your Zap using the sample/test data shown next to your fields. When you have finished this step, click Continue.
            2. Name Your Zap: Give your Zap a name. You may find it easiest to use the same Title/Name given to the corresponding Feed.
            3. Make it Live: Click the Make Zap Live button.
            Call Detail Record (CDR) event is generated at the end of a call after the agent/customer hangs up. Event fields are different from the actual telephony events and they described are below.
            "Incoming" or "Outgoing"
            Number of seconds from call launching to hangup
            Phone number of the agent(Outgoing) or customer (Incoming)
            Phone number of the customer(Outgoing) or agent (Incoming)
            Start time of the telephone call
            End time of the telephone call
            SR Number or Virtual number purchased from Knowlarity
            Call recording link if there is bridged conversation
            The additional offset used to calculate UTC
            It is an UUID number to uniquely identify the call.
            The values can be:
            1. "Phone"
            2. "Agent Missed"
            3. "Customer Missed"
            4. "Voicemail"
            5. "DTMF"
            6. "Missed Call"
            7. "Conference"
            8. "Blacklist"
            9. "Sound"
            10. "Fax"
            11. "OutGoing Calls"

            An example of CDR data can be like:

               "dispnumber" : "+911244948640",
               "business_call_type" : "Phone",
               "caller_id" : "+911244948640",
               "Call_Type" : "Incoming",
               "start_time" : "2015-11-20 11:50:18+05:30",
               "uuid" : "129ac15d-d8b4-499e-92e1-83317d1745df",
               "call_duration" : 29,
               "destination" : "+918880493847",
               "end_time" : "2015-11-20 11:51:37.868542+05:30",
               "resource_url" : "",
               "type" : "CDR",
               "timezone_offset" : "+0530"

            Zapier Templates
            New call CDR trigger on Super Receptionist templates:
            1. Add new Super Receptionist call data records as tasks in Agile CRM
            2. Add new Super Receptionist call data records as tasks in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
            3. Add new Super Receptionist call data records to create or update a new user in Intercom
            4. Add new Super Receptionist call data records to Google Calendar as events
            5. Add new Super Receptionist call data records to Google Sheets as rows
            6. Add new Super Receptionist call data records to ProsperWorks as tasks
            7. Add new Super Receptionist call data records to Salesforce as leads
            8. Add new Super Receptionist call records as contact in Autopilot
            9. Send emails in Gmail for new calls in Super Receptionist
            10. Send messages in Yammer for new Super Receptionist calls

            Updated: 10 Apr 2018 01:50 AM
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