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            How do I integrate SuperReceptionist with ZohoCRM

            Integrate SuperReceptionist with ZohoCRM

            SuperReceptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment.

            If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with ZohoCRM.

            ZohoCRM SuperReceptionist plugin allows you to

            • Get notifications in ZohoCRM for incoming and outgoing calls.

            • Add description to calls.

            • Create lead/contact for calls.


            • You must be a User of your ZohoCRM account.

            • SR panel should be in Premium Plan to use SR integrations.

            • Your ZohoCRM premium plan supports telephony integration.

            • You are using the SuperReceptionist (Knowlarity) service. It is configured and active.


            Get your SR Virtual Number.

            Login to your SuperReceptionist account to get the Virtual Numbers.
            Your SuperReceptionist phone number is your Virtual number.

            Enabling ZohoCRM
            Navigate to Settings>Integration

            Case A: Integration enabled with Zoho CRM via phonebridge token
            In case you have enabled zoho CRM integration via zoho crm phonebridge tokens, you will be shown two zoho crm plugin integrations on this page:
            In this case, please click on the 'ENABLE NOW' button on the Zoho CRM plugin.

            Case B: Zoho CRM integration not enabled via zoho crm phonebridge token

            please click on the 'ENABLE NOW' button on the Zoho CRM plugin.

            In the both the above cases (Case A and Case B), clicking on 'ENABLE NOW' button on the integrations page will navigate to the below page.

            Click on the 'Sign in to ZOHO' button.

            Please login with your Zoho CRM admin user credentials.

            Click on the 'Accept' button. 

            Choose the SR Numbers that will be used in the Zoho CRM.

            Choose the SR Numbers that will be used for making inbound and outbound calls in Zoho CRM.

            Map each SR users to corresponding Zoho users. Then click on Enable to complete the configuration. All unmapped SR agents will be considered as
             ‘Default Agent’.

            In order to get the Click to Call functionality in Zoho, You need to map each Zoho users to corresponding SR user.
            eg: Zoho user 1 is mapped to SR Agent 1. So Zoho User 1 will get the option to make click to call.
            If you mapped your zoho user to default-agent, the zoho user will not get click to call unless you mapped the user to any SR user.

            If no errors displayed then it will ask you to do the mapping of ZOHO agents with SR agents. 

            Once you do the agents mapping and press ‘enable’, your configuration is completed!!!

            How it works!

            When customer calls to your SR number you will get notification bottom-left of the zohocrm web application page.

            You can add call description for the call once the agent picked up the call.

            Click the plus-symbol to create lead or contact for this call. 

            You can save the call description after hanging up the call.

            You can see the calls at “Activities > All calls”


            If you click on that link you will get the full details about calls that who is handling the corresponding call and other information.

            System Requirements:

            Browser Recommendation: Chrome(Recommended), Firefox

            Updated: 29 Dec 2019 05:22 PM
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