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            How do I integrate SuperReceptionist with Zoho Desk

            SuperReceptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment.

            If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with Zoho Desk.

            Zoho Desk SuperReceptionist plugin allows

            • Call pop-up inside Zoho Desk. You can view the details of existing contacts while receiving incoming calls.
            • Add notes to calls that get posted as comments in tickets.
            • Create a new ticket from the call or associate calls to an existing ticket.
            • Add caller information by creating new contacts.
            • Make outbound calls from inside tickets or contacts.


            • You must be a Administrator of your Zoho Desk account.

            • SR panel should be in Premium Plan or higher to use SR integrations.

            • You must have subscribed to either Professional or Enterprise plan in Zoho Desk

            • You are using the SuperReceptionist (Knowlarity) service. It is configured and active.


            Get your SR Virtual Number.

            Login to your SuperReceptionist account to get the Virtual Numbers.
            Your SuperReceptionist phone number is your Virtual number.

            Enabling Zoho Desk 

            Navigate to Settings>Integration

            please click on the 'ENABLE NOW' button on Zoho Desk plugin

            please click on the 'sign in to ZOHODESK' button. Enter Your Zoho Desk credentials.

            please click on the accept button

            please map your Zoho Desk users with your SuperReceptionist agents.

            Now your SuperReceptionist account is integrated with your Zoho Desk account.

            1. Call pop-up inside Zoho Desk

            2. Take notes inside the pop-up
            3. Create Tickets

            4. Create Contact

            5. Click to Call (Outgoing call)
            within ticket:

            within contact:

            Updated: 25 Oct 2018 04:33 PM
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