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            How do I integrate with vTiger cloud

            SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. If you are using SuperReceptionist for your business, you can integrate it with Vtiger(cloud) to capture leads along with phone numbers directly from your Vtiger account.

            SuperReceptionist connector in Vtiger allows you to:

            • Track incoming calls from customers
            • Create Leads and Activity with phone numbers
            • Merge phone numbers with existing customer details
            • Direct incoming calls from customers to respective Vtiger owners
            • Make outbound calls using Click-to-Call feature
            • Track outbound calls
            • vTiger(cloud) version supported

            • You must be a User of your Vtiger account

            • Your SuperReceptionist panel should be in Premium Plan to make use of SuperReceptionist integrations

            • Vtiger IP should be visible over internet to receive events from SuperReceptionist
            • Your Vtiger plan supports telephony integration
            • You are using Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist service which is configured and active


            1.Get your SuperReceptionist Virtual Number

            • Login to your SuperReceptionist account to get the Virtual Number
            • Your SuperReceptionist phone number is your Virtual Number

            2.Enabling Vtiger from Knowlarity

            After you have successfully configured the Knowlarity gateway in Vtiger, you have to setup Vtiger details in Knowlarity account.

            Follow below steps to connect Knowlarity and Vtiger.

            1. Login to Knowlarity
            2. Click on Integrations tab
            3. Check for Vtiger CRM plugin, and click on Enable Now button
            4. Enter Vtiger details such as the Call back URL and Vtiger Secret Key

              alt txt

            5. Lastly, click Save to integrate.

            3. Configure your Knowlarity credentials in Vtiger

            After registering with Knowlarity, you will be provided with a phone number, API key, and SR Number. Follow the following steps to configure these in Vtiger CRM.

            1. Hover on Menu icon and select Settings
            2. Select Phone Configuration under Extensions tab
            3. Click Add Gateway
            4. Select Knowlarity from the drop-down.
            5. Enter all the necessary details such as the API key and SR number provided by Knowlarity, callback URL, case/ticket and Opportunity merge tags. alt txt
            6. After you add all the details, click save.

            Field Information

            Field Name
            Select the Phone Call provider from the drop-down
            Gateway Status
            Select the status of the gateway as Active / Inactive. If active, you get the gateway prompted to select during a phone call.
            Default Gateway
            Mark the gateway as default to automatically make a call from Knowlarity.
            API Key
            Enter the API Key provide by Knowlarity. You can find the API key in Settings > Call Flow > Plan Settings page.
            SR Number
            Add your SuperReceptionist phone number here.
            Callback URL
            Enter your Portal Callback URL details
            Ticket / Case Title
            Create merge tags or add custom strings which will be used when Case is created from an Incoming Call Popup. E.g., Issue reported by $contacts-firstname$
            Opportunity Name
            Create merge tags or add custom strings which will be used when Opportunity is created from Incoming Call Popup. E.g., Opportunity with $contacts-firstname$ $contacts-lastname$
            Vtiger Secret Key
            Unique key generated for authentication, which has to be configured in Knowlarity.

            Configure the extension number for each user

            For each user who is allowed to handle incoming and outgoing calls from the CRM, the extension number should be configured in the User preferences page.

            1. Open My Preferences.
            2. Configure user number in Knowlarity Extension field under “Phone Preferences” block
            3. Number Format: [Country Code][Agent_Phone_Number], Ex: +919876543210

              alt txt

            Once the configuration is completed on both sides, i.e., Vtiger and Knowlarity, you are now ready to make and receive calls in the CRM.

            Call flow inside vTiger (cloud)

            Unknown/Unregistered caller

            Create Contact

            Registered caller

            Adding Opportunity and Case within plugin

            Call logs

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