What are the prerequisites for creating a campaign?

            To start a your campaign you will need an SuperReceptionist Enterprise SIVR. If your already a SR user then you can upgrade to an Enterprise SIVR plan. 

            We offer you both Promotional and transactional campaign solution. 

            Promotional: A 'Promotional call' is a call where the caller has an intention to promote a product or a service. A call is marked as promotional if it has any content that promotes that company product or service. Also, Promotional calls can be made only from 9AM to 9PM on all days including Sundays.

            Here are some examples of a promotional call.

            Transactional: These kinds of call are those which are necessary for the user! In ordinary language it is also termed as Service messages. These calls include the messages which are only passed because the client or user needs that particular message & which do not contain any promotion or marketing. They are purely informatory message.

            The promotional Campaign solution is activated by default in your account. If you wish to activate Transactional campaign then you will have to sign an indemnity bond (To know more, click here). 

            Next, using our straight-up web-interface, creating a campaign is achieved with three simple steps:

            • Upload your phone numbers

            • Upload the file you wish to broadcast (sound file or IVR)

            • Click ‘run’ to start the campaign or schedule a time to run the campaign

            • View your campaign results

            Updated: 02 Apr 2018 05:39 PM
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