What is call scheduling days and time?

            The call scheduling days and time allow you to schedule a campaign to be processed at a later stage.

            Scenario: You need to launch a marketing campaign for Diwali. Calls need to be placed over the weekend before Diwali. However, you are going to be out of town for that entire week. What do you do?

            Answer: Create a campaign today and schedule it for that weekend.


            This wonderful little box of features available to you while creating a campaign will allow you to set a date, select days (Say you're running an offer on Wednesdays only, schedule the campaign for Tuesdays then) and decide a stop time for your campaign too.

            You can even set a limit on the maximum number of calls that you require running in parallel. We recommend a lower number to avoid congesting the network and ensure smoother processing.

            For Promotional Campaigns, you can only select a scheduling time between 9 PM and 9 PM.

            Updated: 02 Apr 2018 05:39 PM
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